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What is Startup-autobahn Singapore fintech accelerator?

Co-innovation Program

The Startup Autobahn Singapore FinTech Accelerator is a co-innovation programme designed to accelerate the adoption and integration of innovative startup solutions in the Daimler Financial Services Africa and Asia Pacific markets (DFS AAP).

Problem Statements

Centered around four problem statements which have been selected by business heads across 11 different markets, the focus is on bringing together different perspectives, competencies and knowledge from both startups and DFS AAP to co-create solutions that translate into real business results.

The Program

Over a duration of 8 weeks, selected participants will work with business stakeholders to develop a functional prototype that addresses one or more of the problem statements.

Application for the program is currently closed. Watch this space for more updates. If you have any queries please drop us a message here (Contact form)

The right fit

We are looking for you if...

You are an established start-up and meet the following criteria

  • Your team comes with lots of passion, energy and drive
  • You already have the product/solution to our defined problem statements
  • You have dedicated resources over the duration of the accelerator
    *Fintech and non-fintech startups are welcome to apply

What we expect

We nee​d you to work on..

  • How can we adopt new ways of identifying prospective customers using external data, and enrich and do more with the existing data we capture about prospective customers?

    • We are looking for innovative solutions that can help us identify new leads, and qualify and enrich prospect data.

  • How might we better educate new customers about Daimler Financial Services products and guide them through the process of selecting and applying for the right product for their needs?

    • We are looking for innovative solutions that can support our potential customers during discovery and research and provide targeted guidance.

  • How might we better address queries from existing customers across product information to processes?

    • We are looking for innovative solutions that can support our customers’ queries in a timely, proactive and personalized manner.

  • How might we adopt non-traditional methods to authenticate a customer’s identity, through the online and traditional channels, during their purchase journey?

    • We are looking for innovative solutions which can confirm the customer is indeed who they claim to be.

Got questions?

What you will need to know

Before you attempt to work on the problem statements provided, we would like to arm you with sufficient information so that you would be prepared to address the problem statements being identified.

Contact Us

Send us a mail at fintech@startup-autobahn.sg or send us a message via below form if you have a query.
We will get back to you ASAP